Vintage Vandalizm the clothing brand was established in 2019 by renowned retro style expert Jasmin Rodriguez. The limited edition Vegas-based collection pays homage to silver screen vixens from the 1920s to the 1980s, focusing on sensual fabrics that embrace the figure, all while delivering effortless glamour.

Each exclusive design is carefully crafted to celebrate femininity and comfort for a red carpet affair, swanky soiree or simply lounging as one prepares for their close-up.  It serves as the captivating wardrobe for any leading lady without the Hollywood budget.

Rodriguez, a proud Puerto Rican designer raised in New York City, originally launched her widely popular blog, Vintage Vandalizm, in 2008, showcasing her sinfully seductive style and creativity as a multimedia artist and muse.

What started out as an online hobby capturing her passion for old Hollywood and thrifting quickly transformed into a successful platform, reaching thousands of readers from across the globe, helping to lead the neo-retro movement impacting the fashion industry.

Today, Rodriguez is determined to honor the seemingly forgotten ethnic pinups from our past through her line.

“My whole life, I have always spoken to people through my personal style,” said Rodriguez. “I have always celebrated individualism. Clothing has always empowered me. But the dream was to see women wear my designs and also become empowered. I want them to become fearless and still look fierce.

“Ultimately, my goal is to illustrate my passions through clothes as one of the few Puerto Rican designers in the world.”