Andra Day wears V.V for Wendy Williams Show!

On February 26th, The incredible film United States vs. Billie Holiday premiered on Hulu starring singer & actress, Andra Day. Her incredible performance made Golden Globes history as Andra won the Golden Globe for best actress in a motion picture drama. For those who don't understand how important this win really is, Andra is the second black woman in history to win a golden globe. Also, this was Andra's first film! What an incredible achievement, and within just a weeks time!

Variety Magazine: "In a tearful acceptance speech surrounded by her family and friends, Day thanked “the amazing, transformative, dynamic Billie Holiday, who just just transformed me with this role and with her presence and with her spirit.”

This isn't just a film about Billie's struggles with racism during the 1940s, this sheds a light on the racism that still exists today and how the U.S Government still does nothing (or the bare minimum) to keep Black lives safe.

If you haven't seen United States vs. Billie Holiday, give it a watch, you'll see Billie's light shine right through Andra Day. And if you haven't heard Andra Day sing, you need to give her a listen too!

Last week while touring to promote the film, Andra Day wore our Carmen set for the Wendy Williams show! We were flooded with screenshots and dm's of the star who looked gorgeous by the way (Her hair was done by our talented friend @hisvintagetouch !). We can't begin to explain the magnitude of the gratitude we have for Miss Day and the fact that she has been shopping with us since we started our brand in 2019.

Thank you Miss Andra Day, for your support, your voice, your music, this film, and your incredible influence on not just POC, but the WORLD. May you continue to shine bright and light the way for the youth of today.

We love you!

*Our Carmen Sets in our big leaf print will be available for preorder Friday 03/05 at 11am PST.

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